Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian considers starting his own Podcast

MC/Producer and Hip-Hop elder Lord Jamar of the legendary Brand Nubian group is seriously considering his own podcast, but under certain conditions…
it must be people-funded not corporation-funded. This is understandable seeing as though the VladTV mainstay is wildly popular with Hip-Hop fans and the streets for his raw truth and insight into Hip-Hop culture and overall Black culture, this would be a natural expansion of his curation with no corporate overlord censoring and dictating topics and views.

To support this #DoForSelf endeavor and to make sure the Lord Jamar Podcast will remain people-funded you can #BuyBlack by purchasing some dope #YANADAMEEN HOODIES, CREW NECKS, & MEN & WOMEN’S SHIRTS.


SOURCE: Lord Jamar IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZw60wdDKX4/

Peace! EVERYDAY people tell me to start my own PODCAST, the reason being is that they like my level of UNCENSORED TRUTH…well doing a PODCAST, that is up to MY STANDARDS, cost MONEY. In order to continue to provide U with the UNCENSORED TRUTH, my PODCAST can’t be CORPORATLY FUNDED. I speak for THE PEOPLE, & my GODCAST must be FUNDED BY THE PEOPLE. In an effort to not just have my hand out, I produced YANADAMEEN HOODIES, CREW NECKS, & MEN & WOMEN’S t-shirts to provide U with something in exchange for YOUR support. It’s time WE put OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS…this is an experiment in DOING FOR SELF & I hope YOU’LL join me in proving to THE WORLD that WE are capable of CREATING BUISNESS MODELS that don’t involve OUTSIDE INFLUENCE….YANADAMEEN!? Link in bio

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